How To Take Pictures of Car Keys Calgary

How To Take Pictures of Car Keys Calgary

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How to take Pictures of Car Keys:

  1. Infocus Car Key Pictures only.
  2. Take a picture of both sides of the Car Key / Prox
  3. Email or text the pictures to Mr. Locksmtih
  4. Include the Year, Make and Model.

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Car key copy Calgary

How to Take Pictures of Car Keys: This is how to take picture of a car key. It sounds funny, but with all of the different cars out there, and some of them have remote head keys, some of them within the same model year could be a two-button, three-button, four-button, five-button, we got some are six buttons, what we need or what I need to tell you if we can cut a key for you or duplicate a key if you have keys, if you don’t have keys, that’s a different matter. But if you want to get a key duplicated or a copy of a key, I’m gonna need a good picture of the front of the key and of the back of the key.

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Now, I always say again focus, because a blurry picture is really difficult. So give me an in-focus picture, you can email it to us; at [email protected] or give us a call and we’ll give you our phone number, my cell phone and you can text me the picture and then we can tell you what we have. So again, take an infamous picture of the front of the key and the back of the key. And we’re gonna need a year-making model and then we can tell you how to, then we can tell you the exact costs for us to copy you another key.

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And realize that most of the newer cars, all cars in Canada, specifically from 2008 to present require a chip or transponder. And most of those keys have to be programmed on sites. We have to plug into your car system, we have all the tools and everything. So we can duplicate the key, program it in, and make it work. And really they started in 1999 on some Mustangs and some other models. So it’s been around for a long time. Most cars, most modern cars will have a chip transponder or the new ones don’t even have a key, it’s just proximity.

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So again, picture of the front, the back, and then we can tell you, a year making model and what’s really helpful sometimes if you have the VIN not necessarily all the times but sometimes the VIN that’s the vehicle identification number, VIN, and that will tell us exactly what year it was made. Okay, have a good day.

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How to take pictures of car keys Calgary