Tops Tips on Making Your Home Burglarproof

To ensure that your house is safe from burglars then here some guidelines that you need to consider:

Thief opening a window

Thief opening a window

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  1. Lock your box

    Even if your house is secure, your mailbox can be an easy target, especially if it’s right on the road. Identity theft is a growing problem, and your mail is an easy place to get all your personal info — phone numbers, account numbers and even your social security number. If you don’t already have a locking mailbox, consider investing in one. There’s a small slot where the postman can insert your mail, but you hold the key. Source: How Stuff Works

  1. Deadbolt your doors

    Did you know that 34% of intruders enter through the front door and another 22% enter through the backdoor? That’s a startling statistic, but it provides an amazing clue to beefing up our security: Start with your doors. One of the easiest and most cost-effective solutions is to install a deadbolt. Please don’t go with the $3 cheapie from the local dollar store; instead, invest in a quality deadbolt (they usually run about $25). And, of course, use your deadbolt at all times – even when you’re home. Source: Safe Sound Family

  1. Light up the house

    Scare off those burglars with motion-sensor lights. Look for ones with adjustable sensitivity to avoid getting a false alarm from things like tree branches rustling. And keep the outside of your home illuminated an all sides using energy efficient compact fluorescents. Source: ABC News

  1. Cage your letterbox on the inside

    It is standard practice for burglars to put a long stick through your letterbox and “fish” your keys off the hall table. Not only will they be able to break into your house, but they will be able to steal your car, then take away more of your possessions. Source: Telegraph

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