Tips on How You Can Secure Your Home

If you want safeguard your home from theft then here are some necessary guidelines that you need to follow to make it more secure:


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  1. Automatic light timers

    Use automatic light timers throughout the house and have them turn on and off in a way that simulates your normal patterns. Look for light timers that have battery backup so the timer doesn’t stop if there is a power failure. Using timers that have more than one on-off cycle can create the illusion of movement from room to room. Source: WebMD

  1. Install a second patio door lock

    Patio door locks are easy to pick. Placing a heavy duty stick in the door track will bar the door closed, but it looks crude and it’s inconvenient to remove every time you want to open the door. Fortunately, there’s a better way to get the security you need. An Auxiliary Security Lock (available through our affiliation with fastens along the bottom of the door and has a bolt that fits into a grommet to hold the door secure. Similar models are available that attach at the top of the door. Source: The Family Handyman

  1. Secure your windows

    Protect your windows with one or more good locks, an alarm system, burglar-resistant glass, or many small panes instead of one large area of glass.When installing a window lock, drip some solder on the screw heads. It will stop a burglar from unscrewing the lock after cutting a small hole in the windowpane. Source: How Stuff Works

  1. Avoid common bad habits

    Consider your own influence on the level of security for your home and make sure you don’t indulge bad habits such as leaving keys in locks or in view that you and your family may have. Simple tips such as always setting alarms, changing codes on a frequent basis and locking any side or back gates can make a substantial difference and deter attack. Source: Master Locksmiths Association

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