How to Prevent Burglars from Entering Your Home

If there’s been a lot of burglary incidents happening in your neighbourhood then here are some ideas you can implement preventing burglars from entering your home:

Burglar Alarm

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  1. Only use fully shielded neighbor-friendly lighting that is equipped with motion or infrared detectors – Don’t create a nuisance or safety hazard with glaring lights that impair vision. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design recommends lighting that does not create glare, light trespass, or deep shadows. Lighting only has potential to act as a deterrent if witnesses are present and can counter-productively attract attention to a target and assist a burglar. FBI statistics demonstrate that the majority of residential break-ins occur during daylight hours. Source: WikiHow 
  1. Make your home look “occupied” – Creating the impression that someone is always at home is another way to deter burglars. Leave your television or radio on, and install an automatic timer to some of the lights in your house to make it appear as if the house is occupied. As we’ve seen, most burglars aren’t interested in coming in if they think someone’s home. If you leave your curtains open, be careful what’s in view. If your car is there and would-be burglars can see the keys within easy reach, that may be the incentive they need to break in, grab the keys and steal your car. Source: How Stuff Works
  1. Lock Your Doors and Windows – This seems like an obvious tip, but I’m sure many of us have neglected to do this at times. I know I’ve forgotten to do it countless times myself.The thieves that broke into my dad’s house busted open the door to his sunroom. They then entered the house easily because he hadn’t locked the windows between the house and the sunroom.

    Make sure your doors and windows are always locked. And I mean all windows. Experts say 23% of break-ins occur through first-floor windows. So securing these should be a top priority. GE makes a wireless alarm kit you can purchase for $25 that will sound if a door or window is opened. This is a very inexpensive way to protect vulnerable areas in your home.

    Don’t forget to secure side doors and garage doors as well. Source: Money Crashers

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