Cheap and Effective Ways of Securing Your Home

If you want to secure your home but don’t have enough money right now to invest on it then here are some cheap yet effective ways that you can do so:

1. The ‘duh’ factor

Using common sense is one of the best ways to prevent a home intrusion, Hsiung says. “You’d be surprised how many people leave doors and windows open when they leave.”

Even an open garage door invites a quick theft of whatever you store in there. If a thief sees a bike in an open garage, it’s an easy mobile crime to commit. “They come in by foot and take off on the bike,” Hsiung says.

Because some burglars case an area for a target, be discreet before leaving town on a trip, which could alert thieves you’ll be away. “If you’re heading to the airport, you don’t want to advertise it with your car trunk open, filled with suitcases,” Hsiung says. Instead, gather your suitcases indoors, and put them in the car all at once, closing the trunk as soon as you’ve loaded it.

To keep prowlers away when you’re out of town, make the home look like it’s still occupied, says Hsiung. Make sure to cancel newspapers, and have the post office hold your mail, so it doesn’t stack up in front of your home. Also, try plugging in timers to light your house while you’re away. Hsiung says programmable timers are available that can be set to come on randomly or at different times. If burglars have the patience to stake out a house and analyze patterns, this can throw them off. Source: Bank Rate

2. Always remember to remove flyers from your doorstep

Never let flyers or menus build up on your doorstep — you risk appearing like you’re on vacation. And if you are on vacation, have your neighbor pick them up for you. Burglars sometimes case a home by planting a flyer and checking to see if someone picks it up. Source: Buzz Feed

3. Never leave a spare key outside

It may sound stupid but many people do this. You may also find that your insurance company will not pay out if a thief enters your house by this means. Alternatively leave a key with a trustworthy neighbour, or invest in a key safe. A key safe can be easily attached to the wall of your house, which a spare key is placed. A code is required to open the box. These are commonly used for elderly people, whose carers require access to their homes. Source: Home Group

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