4 Basic Types of Door Locks

Are you planning on replacing your old and worn door locks? Below are 4 basic types of door locks for you to consider.

Knob Locks

One of the most common type of door locks, knob locks are used on all kinds of doors; front door, bedroom door, garage doors or rear patio doors.  These locks have knobs on both sides One side has a lock and the other side has a key hole to unlock the door. When replacing a knob lock, be sure to determine which side of the door the lock is on — you’ll need a right-hand knob lock for a doorknob on the right side of the door, a left-hand knob lock for a doorknob on the left side of the door. Because the locking mechanism is inside the knob (instead of the door) it can be easily broken with a hammer, wrench or rock and shouldn’t be the main security lock on a front door. Source: AngiesList


A multi-point locking system has a minimum of three locking points that all lock simultaneously by the turn of a key. These are most common on patio or French doors – typically uPVC doors – and less common for main entrance points. Some properties may use such a lock on the principle point of entry, though, and insurers will assess risk accordingly. Source: GoCompare


Rather than being morticed into a door, a nightlatch is actually mounted onto the door. These are much less secure than mortice locks, but can be used as an additional security measure. Double-locking nightlatches are the most secure type of nightlatch as they have a keyhole on the handle inside the door so that the latch can be deadlocked from inside. Always look for a nightlatch which conforms to British Standards to ensure a high level of security. Source: MoneySupermarket

Cylinder Rim Locks  

Cylinder rim locks are mounted on the inside of the door, they have a cylinder that connects to the keyhole on the outside of the door. If they do not comply with British Standard BS3621, additional security would be required; on timber doors they can be used in conjunction with a BS3621 approved mortice lock. Source: LegalAndGeneral

We hope that this article helped you learn about basic types of door locks. Should you have any questions regarding doors and locks please give us a call – we may be able to recommend something that will work for you.



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