3 Tips for Using Security Cameras at Home

Home security cameras can be the best way to protect your belongings and your property from theft. There are a few tips that you can use to make sure that your system is working the best it can.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Below are 3 tips for using security cameras at home:

Interior vs. Exterior
When most people consider installing a home security system, their mind is immediately filled with images of blinking home security cameras lining the exterior of a building. This is good, in a way, as monitoring the exterior of your business or residence can give you the upper hand over any potential threats outside. Still, while most people immediately associate security cameras with the outdoors, it’s important to remember the benefits that they can provide when arranged in the interior of your home. In addition to providing valuable monitoring of the assets in your home, the recordings these cameras capture can also serve as valuable evidence in the event of a burglary or home invasion. In fact, that was exactly the case for a homeowner in a Pittsburgh suburb last week, when footage of two men breaking into her home was caught on tape by her internal security cameras. If you’re installing security cameras in your home, consider the benefits of both interior and exterior cameras. Source: ProtectAmerica

Consider Entry Points
Front door – 34% of burglars break in here
Surprised? We certainly are. Why would burglars break in through the front door?
Here’s what usually happens. A burglar will come up to your home, knock on your door. If someone answers, the would-be-burglar pretends to be someone looking for directions.
But if no one answers, they’ll kick the door open—even if you have a security alarm system.
First-floor window – 23% of burglars break in here
Many burglars break into your home through a first-floor window, typically one not facing the street, by either breaking the glass or by opening it.
Yes, many homeowners forget to lock their windows, giving burglars an easy entry-point.
Back door – 22% of burglars break in here
OK, now this makes sense. The back door is out of sight from anyone from the street. So it makes sense to put a camera here. Again keep it high so it’s out of reach of hands and ensure that a rock can’t smash it.  Source: AckermanSecurity

Maintaining Security Cameras
Check your cameras periodically to make sure they’re working properly and to make sure they have a clear line of sight. Here are some tips for making sure your security cameras work to the best of their ability:
Keep them clean: Try to wipe down your video camera lenses on a regular basis, ensuring they don’t get covered with dust or debris. A camera with blurry vision is less helpful than a clean one. You want to keep your lenses sharp, so the police will be able to clearly identify someone if they break into your home.
Mind trees and bushes: With outdoor cameras, be aware of the trees, bushes, or other items or furniture around your home that might obstruct the vision of the cameras. A camera may be in a good location when you set it up, but you need to make sure to keep the camera’s line of sight clear.
Beware of elements: When placing cameras outside, make sure to use outdoor cameras that have been weatherproofed. If your home sees some heavy rain or a snowstorm, check your cameras and make sure they’re still working properly and that nothing is covering the lens.
Check batteries regularly: If you have motion sensor cameras, they will only record when motion is detected, thus saving energy, and you won’t have to sort through hours of useless footage. Still, be aware of your camera’s battery life and change them out when needed. Source: SafeWise

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