3 Tips to Avoid Losing Car Keys

Are you looking for help with how to avoid losing car keys?

Read below to learn useful tips on how to avoid losing car keys.

Large and Fluffy Keychain

A keychain made of pastel pompoms is slightly outrageous, but hear us out! You could spot these suckers from across the room, and will always quickly find them when rooting through your purse. Source: GoodHouseKeeping

Maintain a Tidy House

This is very effective. Plus, even though you`re annoyed by having to look for something, having a tidier environment cheers you up. Source: GretchenRubin

Use a Tracker

The idea is that you attach something to whatever is important to you — such as your keys and register the object with an application on your phone using Bluetooth. Once registered, whenever you open the app (or go out of range of the object) you’ll be able to track where it was and receive an alert with the last known location. Few tracker exanples includes:  Chipolo, Tile, StickNFind, and Gecko. Source: TheNextWeb

We hope that this post helped you learn about a few tips on how to avoid losing car keys. However, if you have already lost your car keys, it is best to seek help from the best locksmith service. Contact us here for more information.

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