3 Tips For Home Security

We all want to protect our family and it starts with protecting your home. Below are 3 tips for home security.

Install a Home Security Alarm System

Home security alarms are not a guarantee that burglars will not enter your home. But they do make it more difficult by increasing the risk that the burglar will be seen and caught. If it’s obvious your house is alarmed, the burglar may look for an easier target. Be sure to use the yard sign and window decals that say your house is protected by a home security system. Regularly check to make sure the sign is visible and has not been covered up by shrubs or pulled out of the ground by pets or neighborhoods children. Choose a home security system that uses motion detectors as well as arms all windows and doors that could provide access. Also consider using glass-break sensors that set off the alarm at the sound of a window or glass door panel being broken. Some sensors also detect sudden shock waves and will set the alarm off if someone is trying to kick open the door. Never post your pass code next to or on the home security alarm key pad. Source: WebMD


Install The Right Type of Peephole

You never want to open a door unless you know who’s on the other side. A peephole lets you see who’s there, but entry doors don’t come with peepholes, and a lot of peepholes are so tiny that they don’t clearly show you who’s out there. Strangers can hide slightly out of view or appear so distorted that they’re hard to identify. Source: FamilyHandyman


Install Deadbolt Locks

All exterior doors should have at least 1 inch thick dead bolt locks. Although more expensive than spring latch locks, dead bolts are much stronger and provide significantly more protection. When installing deadbolts, make sure to leave a minimal amount of space between the door and its frame, as this provides an opportunity for an intruder to pry the door apart. Doors can be reinforced with plywood or a piece of sheet metal. Source: AllState


Hopefully, these tips will assist you to keep your home secure. If you’re looking for more information, please contact us here.


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