3 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home Security System

Technology not only enhances home protection, but can also help you greatly reduce home energy consumption. Here are a few ways to make sure that your home security system is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Below are 3 tips for an eco-friendly home security system:

Use Outdoor Lighting with Motion Detectors
Many of us tend to leave lights on when we’re away from home, to give the appearance that the house is occupied; this is not only a waste of energy, but also causes electricity bills to rise. Rather than relying on leaving lights on when you’re away, it can be helpful to install flood lights around your home, operated with motion detectors. This way, they will only be on if there is movement around your home, rather than all day or night. Many security systems also offer monitoring systems that not only allow you to monitor your home by video surveillance, but also the lights in your home, by your smart phone or personal computer. These monitoring systems can control a variety of systems in your home such as the HVAC, so that rather than leaving your system running all day, you can turn it on shortly before returning home. This is a great way to keep your home secure without using excess energy. Source: PRWeb

Choose a Security System Provider that Uses Recycled Materials
With the current trend toward eco-friendly products, security companies have released their own line of energy-efficient products. Whether looking for Madison, NH Home Security or a security system for another location, most security companies will provide you with eco-friendly, energy-efficient options. These systems are more cost-effective, for they are built out of either recycled materials or environmentally friendly materials. And, because of their efficiency, they cost far less to use than traditional systems. Source: BullocksBuzz

Use Lighting Efficiently While Away
Using multiple light timers on different on/off cycles can go a long way toward making your home appear occupied. It can also help you save significantly over leaving lights on all the time. You can also make eco-friendly choices in your light bulbs. LED bulbs are far more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, using 80% less energy and lasting for years. They’re more expensive up front, but generally pay for themselves after 18 months, and can continue working for up to a decade after that, keeping your energy consumption for lighting down. Source: ProtectYourHome

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