3 Essential Locksmith Skills

There are numerous services that a locksmith can provide. This article will cover some essential locksmith skills, such as: replacing lost keys, fitting the appropriate locks and emergency services.

Below are 3 essential locksmith skills:

Replacing Lost Keys

Locksmiths have blank keys that are easily cut by an advanced key cutting machine. This task can be carried out even when you are at the roadside. Computer software is then employed to make sure that the newly manufactured key perfectly fits the vehicle lock. Once the key is re-manufactured, it is coded with the ignition lock or vehicle door. Don’t forget affordable, if your car has an immobilizer system only a programmed key will open your car. The newly manufactured key is then reprogrammed according to the ECU of your vehicle. Source: Techno-Rebels.com

Fitting the Appropriate Locks

Knowing which locks to use where and how to fit them is an extremely profitable and valuable service to offer.

Insurance companies have specific requirement on types of locks to be fitted for their policy to be valid in case of a break in. Non compliance to these requirements can lead to an insurance companies refusal to pay out. Primary and secondary exiting doors, internal doors, garages, windows etc., all can have different requirements. You can put your clients mind at rest and fit the correct locks ensuring full policy cover. Source: Ezinearticles.com

Emergency Services

  • Providing a 24-hour call-out service to people locked out of their home or business
  • Providing an emergency service after break-ins, securing doors, changing locks and resetting security systems
  • Advising customers on the most suitable locks or safety devices for their needs.

You may also sell, install and maintain other security mechanisms and systems, and fit safes and security devices like closed circuit television (CCTV).

You could specialize in a particular area like repairing and key cutting for antique locks.

Source: NationalCareersService.Direct.gov.uk

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