3 Common Types of Safes

Safes should be specifically chosen based on the types of assets that they will protect and the types of threats that these assets face. There are common types of safes which are covered by the articles below:

Diversion Safes

An inexpensive but effective way to hide your valuables is a diversion safe. These safes do not look like the typical steel lockbox safe. Instead, diversion safes are disguises like a hollowed-out book or soda can. Diversion safes look like containers designed to hide your valuables in plain sight. Common diversion safes include fake brand name containers for soda pop, canned fruit, home cleaners, or even novels. Diversion safes have removable tops or bottoms so that you can put your goods in them, and the safes are weighed so that they appear normal when handled.
Diversion safes cost much less than normal safes. A soda pop diversion safe, for example, usually costs under $20. A faux wall socket to store money and jewelry costs around $10. A fake fluorescent light container, which can hold more belongings than most diversion safes, costs around $20. A popular and effective diversion safe is a fake stone to hide an extra home key in outside, usually costing around $10. Compare these prices to $50 for a small home safe. Unlike more expensive home safes, however, diversion safes are not fireproof.
Diversion safes are a great gift for college students living in the dorms or with nosey roommates. Many types of diversion safes are for sale on the Internet. Source: Ezine

Fire Resistant Safes

Fire proof safe boxes are precisely like safes aside from these could be saved in amazingly hot temperatures simply in the event that your house sets blazing while you are away for the day or traveling. You will in all likelihood need to put things that can’t be displaced in there. An best quilty fire safe will ensure your things from home intrusions, for example robberies, yet it won’t secure your things in a fiery breakout on the grounds that your assets can effectively be liquefied and the outside of the safe might be dissolved simultaneously. Having a fire proof safe will ensure your home from robberies besides, so it may make more sense to purchase one simply on the off chance that debacle strikes in your home while you are away.
Style may additionally be something you are acknowledging when taking a gander at the distinctive safes. You may need to discover a certain style that might mix in with your home so a cheat might not recognize it or provided that you have individuals coming into your home, they might not perceive it either. You may need to check whether a certain store has one in an alternate one color furthermore the one you in all probability have on the grounds that you don’t need anything to emerge. Source: Patch

Wall Safes

Being hidden, a wall safe has an obvious security advantage over other safes – people don’t know where it is without spending time looking for it. The safes are also bolted to the wall, so it cannot easily be removed without accessing the bolts, and the bolts are hard to get at because the external flange gets in the way. Often, thieves like to be able to grab the safe and go, that way they can take their time opening the vault. But with wall safes this is very difficult, they must take the time to open on the premise, and a lot of time is something most thieves just don’t have.
Though it may seem a bit intimidating, and obviously is easier to install when a house is being built, installing wall safes into an existing home is simple. Most are designed to fit between two wall studs, and come with a template. Just mark the wall according to the template, cut and install. Because of the external flange that rests on the outside of the wall, no finishing work is needed. Source: ArticlesFactory

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