3 Common Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

An important part of home security is realizing which common security mistakes to avoid. Some of these mistakes includes: using cheap door and window locks, relying on one security system and publicizing your upcoming vacation.

Using Cheap Door and Window Locks

Consider upgrading to more heavy-duty door and window locks. Many burglars already know how to get through standard locks, so make it as difficult for them as you can. That way they either won’t be able to get them open, or it will take them so long that they won’t bother trying. Source: UrbanSurvivalSite.com

Relying on One Security System

The best-secured home is one that incorporates a number of different security measures. This can include cameras to catch any suspicious activity and provide deterrence, motion sensors to detect motion, and other sensors that detect a forced entry. This ensures that even if the burglar bypasses one security measure, another is ready to stop him or her and alert relevant persons. Source: TopTenReviews.com

Publicizing your Upcoming Vacation

Publicizing your upcoming vacation on social media is a mistake many homeowners make. In fact, it’s a bad idea to tell anyone, other than those who need to know, that your house is going to be vacant. From the maintenance worker to the cashier at the grocery store, you never know who has a second career as a burglar.

Source: HomeTalk.com

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