3 Common Electronic Door Locks for Your Home

Having an electronic door lock can be a good way to spare you the hassle of rummaging for keys in your bag or pocket, and it also adds security to your home. Here are 3 of the most common electronic door locks available on the market today.

Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

Kwikset Kevo
The KwiksetKevo instantly transforms the owner’s smartphone into a key. Designed with Bluetooth-connectivity, this smart lock replaces a regular deadbolt on a door. To unlock the door, the user has to touch the Kevo to send an “open” signal. Users acquiring the entry-level version of this smart lock will get two eKeys, two key fobs and two traditional keys. The latter is handy if the Kevo runs out of power. The major feature is the set of eKeys, which are encrypted codes that you can with your smartphone. eKeys offer more peace of mind than traditional keys because they cannot be duplicated. Moreover, eKeys can allow a guest either scheduled or “anytime” access Source: TechTimes

For advanced home security and convenience, keyless locks can be used to replace any standard deadbolts on exterior doors. An anti-theft rolling code feature ensures the same code is never used twice, and certain models sound an alarm after the incorrect code is entered more than three consecutive times. Additionally, some systems are compatible with select garage door openers or home security systems. Source: ASecureLife

August Smart Lock
Don’t let the name fool you – there are no keys involved. No access codes either, so a thief can’t use a key logger to copy your code and then sneak in when you’re not home. The August Smart Key lock discretely replaces most single cylinder deadbolts to provide secure access to your home via iOS or Android devices. The August Smart Key lock works independently, via a secure BlueTooth connection or over your home’s Wi-Fi. The app sends a reminder if the lock’s AA batteries are low so this lock keeps working, even if your power goes out.
Coupling the August Lock with August Connect, a smart device that allows you to access the lock from any Internet-enabled device, provides additional features. Rather than simply referring to a log of activity over the past week, you’ll receive real-time notifications of who accessed your lock and when. You’ll also be able to lock and unlock the door via any Internet-enabled device and connect your lock with other smart devices in your home. Source: SafeWise


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