3 Basic Types of Gun Safes and their Advantages

If you have a handgun, you should know the importance of having it secured safely. Continue reading to learn more about 3 types of gun safes available:

Biometric Gun Safe

• Biometric gun safes have a locking mechanism based upon fingerprint recognition. They are popular because of their quick access and high security level. Their high-tech design makes biometric gun safes very expensive, however. Because of the expense of the locking mechanism, biometric safes are generally supplied with anti-drilling steel plating, as well as live bolts to prevent unauthorized access. Many models can be programmed to recognize multiple fingerprints. This lets the user to allow trusted people to access the safe. Some lower quality biometric gun safes have a record of allowing unauthorized fingerprints to open the safe. Another issue is that some lower quality biometric gun safes have a high rejection rate. This means that they frequently reject authorized fingerprints and refuse access to the user. This can cause problems in accessing the guns and other materials stored in the safe. The fingerprint scanning unit is vulnerable to fire and water damage. Source: eBay

Electronic Lock Gun Safe

• This is a popular option for both pistol and rifle safes. An electronic safe uses a keypad or a touch screen. The design depends on the manufacturer and the capabilities of the safe. Some have a digital display and some do not. You simply press the correct number sequence to open the safe. Some electronic locks can be programmed to deny access if the user enters too many wrong codes. This prevents a thief from simply trying various codes until he happens to find the correct one. One notable advantage of a gun safe with an electronic lock is that the lock will activate automatically when the safe is closed. As no further action is required, this feature eliminates the need to twist a dial or turn a key to make sure that the safe is locked and not just closed. Source: Blogtrepreneur

Vehicle Gun Safe

• One popular safe that can be used for storing a gun in your vehicle is the GunVault MV-500 STD. This safe can hold any full-sized handgun plus a few spare magazines. It’s a rapid-access safe so you can open it in a few seconds, and it comes with a metal cable that allows you to secure the safe to the bottom of your seat. If you’re looking for a more general safe that you can use in the car but also in your home, this is definitely it. Source: PersonalDefenseWorld

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